Echo Systems to become “Agile Business Systems”

Agile Logo-FINAL Medium

Effective October 1st, 2014, Echo Systems will begin operating as “Agile Business Systems.” This change is necessary due to a telemarketing company dialing out as “EchoSystems

” at all hours of the night with their unsolicited telephone calls. Unfortunately, even though it’s not our organization making these calls, we have been taking a significant backlash for over two years due to confusion between the names, and have exhausted all other options other than separating our business from the Echo Systems name.

Our legal structure and legal name of Fat Cat Computer Systems, LLC, will remain the same.  We are simply changing our Doing-Business-As to “Agile Business Systems.”

While I’m sad to leave the Echo Systems name behind (as is our mascot dog, Echo), I feel that the new name, Agile Business Systems, more clearly states who we are, and what we do.

We will be sending clients new email addresses and contact numbers shortly, but we will10423883_10102154569642103_901911969873655748_n be leaving all old addresses active during the transition period. This transition will in no way negatively affect our service to our clients.

Even though Echo will no longer be representing our brand, she’ll continue getting lots of treats.

Matt Weaver,
Echo Systems, soon to be Agile Business Systems

Echo Systems